Fondant Bags...This is the trend for now, wedding gift or hantaran, birthday gift are very popular with this trend. A lot of choices of bags, brand and sizes...Not only limited for bags but it women sure love branded shoes too.. There are more to be posted in the blog...Everybody shall be informed in the future... (...Memang seronok playing with fondants..u can create almost everything in this world using fondants...branded bags and shoes...Just imagine u can have salvatore ferragamo bag as a gift for ur loved ones with out spending thousands...hehe...Macam-macam lagi...semuanye atas permintaan pelanggan...yang tak ade pun boleh diade kan...Nothing is impossible la...)


Hari Raya hari yang mulia
penuh bererti kepada kita
Tua muda miskin dan kaya
Menyambutnya dengan gembira...

2009 20th Sept...Jojo's birthday falls on 1st Hari Raya Aidil Fitri.. We prepared a Black Forest Chocolate Cake for the birthday boy. As usual, at home we shall have Nasi Briyani served with Ayam Masak Merah, Daging Rendang, Sambal Sotong and Dalcha. We also have Nasi Impit, Masak Lodeh and Kuah Kacang...Idah's favourite... Udin and Sham, one is never enough for mom's cooking...(...Macam biasa bertambah je...Sodap..) Laksa is one of our menu on Hari Raya, complete with condiments..(..Shafie and Wawa memang suka sangat laksa...hari-hari makan laksa mak tak boring-boring pun...mmmm...memang sume orang makan tak berhenti-henti lah...)
Everybody had so much of fun and ate so much! It was so lively with the sounds of laughter and cries...Sarah, Afiq and Sofea, most attentions are given to them.. Those days Donut and jojo was having that luxury position but now they are my grown up prince and princess.. We only have till end of the week, then everybody shall leave to KL... I am gonna miss Hari Raya again..Can't wait for raya to come again.....



Almond London...All time favourite,milky taste biscuit with whole roasted almond in the centre and coated with dark chocolate. Sprinkle with roasted nib almond, i guess the nib almond is too much hah...Mmmm...Like Ferarro Roche.. (..Ingat lagi mak mula buat kuih ni when I was in primary school..This is one of the popular all time kuih raya...)

Chocolate chip and almond is a good combination for sweet-tooth...With buttery and milky chocolate taste..crispy yummmyyyy...(...Pimos cookies,boleh beat Famous Amos anytime man....Percaya ke tak?!...)

Very simple but i guess most people love chocolate...Corn cereal coated with dark chocolate..Guys crazed for this crispy tempting chocolate snack..(..Ini memang senang nak buat tapi cost tak lah murah..Anyway I received a lot of ordes for this kuih...surprisingly that guys make the most of the orders...)

Fruity oats cookies, healthy treats for Hari Raya...(...I luv this kuih so much...Jaga badan memang sesuai...Tidak kurang juga oats kan bagus untuk kesihatan jantung and raisin bagus untuk mengurangkan memory lost... :p Bagus gitu...)

My Heart, blended taste of salty biscuit and sweet white chocolate.. (...Seindah rupa seenak rasa...Tak percaya cuba lah rasa...)

Milky buttery taste with black sesame...(...I used to love eating danish cookies in tin...but now I think I can always bake my own Danish-From-Oven...

Tiap-tiap tahun memang ini lah keje I..Buat kuih raya but this year I have to reduce my production due to time consuming, I have to divide my time since I am having my intenrship program in Quality Hotel...But I can give a clap to my self for a meaningful Ramadhan this year...Puasa, buat kuih raya and menjalani practical training di dapur to be strong in mental and physical and I managed to complete those jobs. Alhamdullillah...Seronok nye...Lebih seronok coz I buat duit dengan kuih raya...Meletup makcik!...Tahun depan ade lagi...TUNGGUUUUU.....)


Happy Birthday Jojo

Black Forest Cake..Layered with fresh whipping cream and dark pitted cherries,nice with grated dark chocolate . Good for any occasions.. (..Birthday jojo falls on hari this is his birthday cake..Happy Birthday jojo...Mummy luv u so much!...)



Cupcakes everybody ! Roses,daisies and morning glories...small beautiful flowers...Flavors to choose... Vanilla, orange and chocolate (...Kek yang enak dan hiasan yang menyelerakan sesuai betul untuk majlis...)



Always children all time favourite..Rich with vanilla and buttery taste best served while hot. I always have fun baking chocolate chip muffins..Fine texture and soft cake just nice to indulge your tea time or any occasions ...

(...kegemaran sume orang tak kira yang tua atau pun muda.. Good for wedding gift and birthday party...)


Assorted mouth-watering muffin flavors. Baked with quality ingredients to ensure the goodness of home-baked taste.. (...Pakai butter lg sedap...we bake according to customers request..ade yang pakai butter,ade jugak yang pakai marjerin...)

Cinnamon muffin, topped with cinnamon sugar with rich butter taste. Nice with hot lemon tea.

Hawaiian Muffin, blended taste of coconut and raisin. Sweet and sour taste with aromatic coconut smell... (...Sedap gitu...)

Pandan chocolate chip...Pandanus and cocoa...a good combination (...a retro mixed...)

Orange muffin, aromatic tangy smell of orange zest with bitter sweet orange peel. (my favourite choice...)

Strawberry muffin...Berries always a fine choice for muffins lovers...Blueberry is one of the best...


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