Parsley Bread Stick
To have a light healthy snack in between your meal is a brilliant way to keep your tummy from being grumpy ya..There is many flavors to enjoy, sesame, spices, cinnamon sugar, chocolate almond and simply original...Parsley for my bread stick because i love the aroma of freshness, with a bit of salt sprinkled on the on the stick make it a balance choice of snack to enjoy...(...Before I used to have biscuit for my diet, I bought a lot of them...Nak jaga badan konon..Tapi I rasa this is better, tiada pengawet tapi I rasa bertenaga and muda selalu bagaikan telah DIAWET... :p)


Baked Chocolate Chip Cheese Cake
I always love cheese cake, today I baked Chocolate Chip Cheese Cake..One of my favorites besides Mr.Delicious Blackforest. I can't resist the sour milky taste of cheese cream combined with bittersweet chocolate chips... MMMMmmm... Oatmeal biscuit crust, some like chocolate crust, some like sponge cake base... So many flavors can be chosen from tiramisu, chocolate orange, chocolate, lemon, apple spice, blackforest and starwberry cheese cake. Doesn't matter what flavor it is, a perfect cheese cake is a delicate delicacies..Making crumb crust, baked in a water bath slowly and evenly... and WALAaaaa... A cake with a very smooth silky texture... Try one!(...Back to basic traditional cheese cake recipe, Original memang sedap..)


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