Yeah, I'm back in hometown for this Chinese new year holiday... Thankful to my management for allowing us to off 3 days on the row, this is the chance for me to spend my quality time with my loved ones although the time is limited. 3 days seem to be so precious, too dear more than anything could buy with money or gold... Exactly, no place like home and nothing can compare to be surrounded by laughter and faces of loved ones. I had to buy few ingredients back in Kuala Lumpur, since in Jitra is limited in stock and shops surely closed due to Chinese new year gathering held on the eve. I travelled on bus for 7 hours with 'Mascarpone Cheese' in my bag and a very 'Big Heart' to prepare a sweet delight from Italy... Yeah, 'Tiramisu' an Italian trifle with coffee flavoured lady's fingers and Mascarpone mousse. Something new for them to try, anyway they prefer to have Tiramisu Cake because this traditional dessert taste more alike mousse or light pudding. No espresso here, so I used our local instant coffee 'Nescafe' not bad it still taste like coffee after all... Lady's fingers soaked with coffee and layered with Mascarpone mousse and shaved chocolate, when it comes to second layer I sieved chocolate powder to top the mousse.... and Waaalaaa.... Only that, the original Tiramisu is normally prepared by soaking lady's finger in espresso and coffee liquor or Kahlua and brandy. Anyway people, it still taste nice even though you are not feeling tipsy while eating non-alchohol Tiramisu :p
This is how I spend my limited quality time with my family, I don't want to waste any chance I have here. Food is the way of me showing my appreciation to the loved ones, I cook and bake with love and a lots of love. It was amazing, I heard my heart was singing a song 'I'm Coming Home' all the way from Kuala Lumpur to Jitra and it was a 7 hours journey on the bus...!!! A lovely song with good lyrics and I felt so into the song, and the song is meant something to me.... This song attribute to what we called 'Real Love' the love that always forgiving and I believed it will always be by your side no matter where it takes you and how it goes... This is the love I found at home, and every place we called 'Home'........ "Tell the world that I'm Coming Home Cause That Is Where My Heart Belong" ..... Happy Chinese New Year and may this year of Rabbit brings happiness and prosperity to everybody through out the world....


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