Chicken Pie

I love shepherd's pie, mutton and some yellow green vegetables .... Yay.... tempting aromatic Mediterranean cuisine.. I love the taste of mutton and lamb, the blend of smell from mutton and herbs is really mouth watering.. the meat even tastes sweet mixes with vegetables and onions...
It so much reminds me of some one from my past... still can remember the good moments, helping them out with the Christmas party... Carols and presents.... Those were the days... :p
I prefer to bake my pie with salty crust but ready made puff pastry is making my baking much easier. Today, instead of mutton I cook my pie's filling with chicken... Jojo is not a fan of mutton so this little man is making so much fusses with the smell of mutton. For my filling, I added in mushrooms, mixed vegetables and parsley for its beautiful fresh smell. And Bechamel's sauce makes my pie's filling perfect with buttery and milky taste.... Yay..!

Puff pastry ain't easy to prepare but you can always buy from local hypermarket and it costs about RM5 for 10 pieces and just nice to make 10 small pies. Its really helpful for working moms to bake very own pies at home...
Mashed potatoes for topping, sure makes your tummy much filing... Or if you are cutting down the carbs... just cover the pie with another piece of puff pastry and don't forget to brush egg wash and sprinkle with oregano... Myself had 3 pieces and we saved 5 pieces for tomorrow's journey going back to Kuala Lumpur.... KL I'm coming back....!


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