Chocolate Chip Cookies

MOM ...your choco chips will always be the best...!!! Remember Famous Amos??? This is the best chocolate chips cookies came straight off mom's oven right here in Jitra ...Crispy, chocolaty chips with almond nibs ....A double chocolate treat for this Raya celebration ...Mom used to bake two types of Chocolate Chips Cookies, one is chocolate version and another one is plain with vanilla flavoring. But I have made some modification by adding extra ingredients and milk powder as flavoring ....Splendid ....Buttermilk Chocolate Chips Cookies.
RM 35 for 600 grams of cookies ...isn't it value to buy??? Wait till you take the first bite, you will always ask for more ....Sweet tooth people out there, here Sugarspice will come out with Chocochips Cookies soon ...Wait for the appearance ya...


2010 Raya Again In Memory

Everything feels so right when you are surrounded by loved ones ...Like nothing from outside the circle can disturb you, because you have everything that you want and love right before your eyes, isn't that wonderful? As for me, to be home with my Donut and Jojo tremendously enjoying ...I had a great time this Raya with a new comer in our family, It's Sahmi my nephew ...This sleepyhead guy is a bit moody ....Like father like son :p I wonder if this could be inherited, moody could be contagious too ...your stress might as well contribute to some one else's stress ...agree?? Well, I tell you ...the right way to reduce your stress level is by enjoying your meal ...ya 'There is no love sincerer than the love of food' -George Bernard Shaw ...An effective stress reliever , it worked on me when I was in college years back ...After class I bought loads of food, I enjoyed my studies while I have something in my mouth munching ...Especially chocolate, I just disagree when people claimed that chocolate is fattening ...If you have it in the right amount and at the right time shall not give any problem at all. So people, EAT SMART ... Food ... Just name it ...Everyone's favourite dishes were on the table, mom had prepared Nasi Briyani, Laksa, Nasi Impit, Soto and cakes ...How can I stop myself from eating? It was a non-stop eating marathon with everybody took their turns to eat ...That's what we called our love for food, does it means we live to eat??? Ermmm ... Partly the saying is right, I might say ...'SELAMAT HARI RAYA EVERYBODY from Jitra with love' ...Insyaallah we will meet Ramadhan again next year ....As for today, Alhamdulillah for this wonderful moment with love is all around


Moist Chocolate Cake

It's Hari Raya again ...10th Sept 2010, I wonder why am I so excited to meet Hari Raya again after last year. But I guess this year is better than last year and few years back, and this year is so meaningful to me as I am being a free person ...Last 31th August was the 53rd anniversary of Malaysia's independence, it's my independence day as well... i am free again, can feel my feet back on the ground...!!!! YAY... It shows how excited am I this 2010 raya... as excited as I was 8 or 9 years old??!!! I haven't gone back to hometown since last May, really missing everybody ...spending 6 to 7 hours drive wasn't a problem to me, the happiness is in the air... I can't wait to be home again...
Cakes and cookies will always be a popular demand during Raya celebrations, we used to bake using an old fashioned oven which uses gas and I can assure you it was not an easy task ...i had the chance to see how my mom used the 14 inch tv sized oven ....It took hours to baked only few jars of cookies ...Can we imagine how patience our moms were??? Compare to us now???!!! I wonder.... :p Anyway ...It was Shara who baked cakes and mom was in charged in baking cookies with the assistance of Mr Jojo and Ms Donut. I baked back in Kuala Lumpur and I have made some side income with cookies business besides working everyday ...but very unfortunately all cookies were sold out and nothing left for me ...But it's OK, because i missed mom's ...YEAH....
Shara made Moist Chocolate Cake, our all time favourite ...Fluffy moist chocolaty cake with semi sweet chocolate fudge. Back in KL, this type of chocolate cake is sold RM55 per kilo ...It ain't cheap especially home made, even what we can get from the bakery shop priced around RM50-RM60 per kilo ....nowadays people don't mind paying as long as it is worth buying ...Quality over quantity....Some like fudge but some like ganache as the topping, I like both because they are both chocolate and it is just irresistible right? Fudge is more suitable for decoration purpose but ganache look so delicious, chocolate sauce on cake is just so tempting ....YUMMYY
Selamat Hari Raya for all Muslim around the world and a very happy holiday everybody ....May we enjoy the joy of sharing and forgiving .... from Jitra with love and lots of love

Chocolate Ganache :

1000 ml cream
750 grams dark chocolate compound
750 grams milk chocolate compound
200 grams glucose


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