Chicken Cherry Sauce
My Ms Cherry the chicken is my creation of the day, very good combination with sweet cherry fruity sauce. Chicken is grilled and poured with cherry sauce... Well, I love spicy with a little sweet combination which enhance the taste of spiciness and the aromatic smell of spices is just too bad to hold yourself from indulging this wonderful creation... I just too boastful or I am just too excited about the outcome?... For the more, what else can be well served with this Ms Cherry if not Mr Green the broccoli... buttered broccoli is a simple vegetable dish but just perfect for this menu. I thought of sauteing the broccoli with some garlic but I think the flavor would be too strong for the chicken... So i keep to simplicity CT...!


Nasi Goreng Cina
It was a very busy day for me, a lot of housework and gardening as well... Pheeeewwhhh... Looking at my mom's garden.. plants and trees... Wow, it juz a breath taking but one thing for sure it isn't as simple as Nasi Goreng, need a lot of patience and also hard labor job! Trimming, digging and etc....Mom have taught me how to trim her bonsais, it is not that hard if u know how to shape your trees but the hardest part is to make sure that her plants will stay alive. I am having hard time with plants and I am aware about it long time ago...Some said I have heaty hands which these green leafy creatures dislike.. Maybe.. So I don't want to get stress out with housework, trying to make my job easier cooking our dinner. I like Nasi Goreng, making my life easy and simple..Nasi Goreng Cina, not spicy, with vegetables and I used prawns instead of chicken... MMMM... deliciousness in simplicity !


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