An Endless Love

I introduce 'Endless Love'.. Its my inspiration of my affections in garden wedding theme, I love the concept of an open wedding ceremony... Celebrate the 'Big day' with the gratitude to the mother nature. White as pure as an endless love, live everlasting harmonized with the sophisticated color of life, live with the color of red, gold and green, prosperity and happiness. Nature is the best next to love in describing life... Aren't the color of life is interesting...? So I symbolized white in the name of purity...


27th Dec 2009 In Memory

Time passes by really fast but I can never forget the good times I had in my childhood, the cries and laughter, fighting and teasing, food and jokes. Still fresh in my memory, I hardly gather with those childhood friends but when we get together the time seems to stop, feels like during those memorable days and nothing ever changed... We talked and laughed, fun and happiness of our childhood days has never fade. I can see it from the faces of my brothers and sisters... my cousins, when we were talking to each other the remembrance from the past flashing back in my memory. Then I started to get the pictures of old days, picnics, holidays.... Looking at them with my childhood eyes, so young and cute.. Shafie loves crying so much, he always cry even for no good reason..! Idah is the petite one... Shara is the talkative among us... Emi is one of our closest cousin brother, we grew up and had kinder fun together..... And today our Emi is having his big day, having his own family and he looks so handsome...!
I baked a cake for him as a weeding gift... Its a token for the memoir of an everlasting childhood days... I am so much happy for him and I had fun taking a trip down to memory lane.....!


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