Sambal Sotong

Ingredients :
500 grams of squids

1 cup of dried chili
2 onions

5 garlic


Tamarind paste

Salt and sugar

Cooking oil
  • Blend chili, onion and garlic
  • Heat oil and saute blended ingredients
  • Add in squids
  • Add in water and tamarind paste
  • Add in salt and sugar
I am a late risen today, we are used to sleep late nowadays. Lately I was having some restless nights, I was on late night movies and kidos were playing the games from Facebook. Kind of enjoyable games, farms, cafes and there is one game named YoVille, it's quite an interesting game. An interactive game, connecting players from the network. Create your own character, change the appearance and you can always dress it up... You can even have your own apartment and it's fully furnished...! Jojo has an apartment which is really nice...
It feels like you are interacting with real people in the real world except for this world is shrunken to fit into a monitor. World of cyber really pulls someone's leg taking you from the reality and the time is left far behind before u can notice it....
I had no idea what to cook for the lunch, I have taken out frozen squids from the freezer. Felt like eating something spicy and pungent, I missed eating a lot of chilies... I think Sambal Sotong is perfect for today's menu, leave the cyber world a side for a while and enjoy a plate of warm rice with these spicy chili squids...


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