My Nightmare Before Christmas

Last Christmas, I made a cake for 32 Bistro & Bar... This is my 'Nightmare Before Christmas' and actually it is a witch's hat...!!! I wonder why it has to be a nightmare for such celebration??? It supposed to be... HO...HO...HO... MERRY XMAS...!!! with colorful red, green and gold... Ermmm, I guess it's how they want to celebrate the eve, having nightmares after party... hehehehe... drinking too much is bad for health and beware of nightmares too... It's butter cake and I covered the cake with rolled fondant, I made pumpkins and grave stones using pastillage and chocolate frosting for the affects of grass.... It took me 5 hours to complete everything, including the baking of the cakes... But it is just so fun playing with colorful fondants and I just love to work from home... HOME SWEET HOME ....


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