A fun chapter in A big book....

Mr. Pizza Maker, his 10 years expertise in the industry makes Silverspoon's pizza one of the famous pizza in town... the crispiness of the crust and the perfect blend of sauce and toppings left a sweet memory for those who has tasted the pizza. They surely come back for more, not forgetting... the wonderful and sweet Banana Pizza, a unique dessert specially signature.

Kak Timah our bartender... She is the person behind the bar.. She has been there since the business had been operated for the past 2 years. What can I say here, it was fun to work with her... she talks as much as she works, Silverspoon shall be very quiet with out her around.

This is Paul, by now he is in US working and studying there... Very lucky for him, after 4 years living here in Malaysia at last he granted the chance to join his family in the state. A good friend of mine we had a great time working together... I'm missing you, Paul...!!!

Kelvin, our restaurant manager and Dayday.. my eldest son long lost and air flown from Myanmar... meet at work daddy and son working hand in hand on the floor, I love these 2 guys. I had a very good time working with them, Dayday such a good and hardworking boy... a person who has so much energy and willingness in heart, he works with honesty and dignity... A talented person I may say. And Kelvin, I really love when he starts talking and all the words come out so strong but strangely sound kind of sweet, so convincing and he is such a sweet guy..!!

It's Andy and the gang, such a good team... floor staff and kitchen crews as well... I believed they have done a tremendous job on that day. It was a wonderful birthday celebration with a lots of food and drinks... Everybody was happy, especially the staff... after a hard job, mission accomplished with a great kind of relief we celebrated our success with a toss... Good job Silverspoon!!!! It has been quite sometimes since everybody and seniors were around,even for me meant to say good bye but all the memories remain. It was such a wonderful experience to have the opportunity to make a footstep in Silverspoon and not forgotten our ex- general manager Mr. KC Lim...
Well, what I had experienced with all ups and downs taught me a lot to be more mature in Food and Beverage industry. Again here, no matter how passionate I am in my job... there are matters that is beyond my control, with food which you can always mix and match and you may garnish it as you like but when it comes to people and behavior, you just have to be wiser than ever. Others can point at you with fault and not every time you can always stand for your right, for what matters to me... I believed, understanding the situation may lead to a better solution.


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