I have been keeping this photo for quite sometimes but haven't written anything about it in my blog, hoping that I will have a nice relaxing time for me to unwind with my writing while listening to an 80's number, it's 'I NEVER LET YOU GO'. Nice, just what I need ...At last, after so long... I finally have the time this weekend. Yea... why not? since I don't really have to cook because it's been done by mom... even Donut and Jojo are busy with their studies and computer games... I am really enjoying my weekend back in hometown with everybody around, mom and abah, all brothers and sisters, kidos... FOOD... ALOT... FOOD
The photo was taken about 2 months ago but I still can remember how good and tasty it was... Ya, it's Caldareta... Tender beef with capsicum, carrot and potato. A more tomato version of Daging Masak Kicap (Beef in Dark Soya Sauce). Some may add in shredded cheese and liver spread, but for this attempt it just a simple Caldareta ...
Don't forget Calamansi ya... it's essential ingredient in Philippines dish, or you may substitute it with lemon too. Instead of using tomato sauce it's preferable to use tomato puree for it's richer taste. And vegetable should be fried for a while just to preserve the sweetness in the vegetable, instead of cooking with water and lost the crispiness and taste. Slice some onions into rings and saute, make sure that the beef is tender after bring to boil in the sauce.. Remove beef from sauce and saute on frying pan till slightly dry, add in the remaining sauce and vegetable... Enjoy with rice or plain loaf and it is more to enjoy...
MMMMmmm... I just enjoy eating and I enjoy watching people eating... HAPPY WEEKEND FOOD LOVERS...

p/s Saute chopped garlic and onion before add in beef, soya sauce, tomato puree and calamansi.




Errmmm... Just feeling like having chicken soup, today i craved for Chicken Tinola... But no young papaya for cooking. It's one of the ingredients, but unfortunately I couldn't get it any where in the market this morning. So, it just only Green Mustard... It's Tinola With Out Young Papaya... Correctly named... Anyway it taste the same...
I have some stock of chicken in the refrigerator, some ginger, onion and garlic. Chili and black pepper, that's all. A simple and delicious meal for the day.... I have plenty of time for housework and some reading as well. For the past few weeks, I left it the car planned to read it when ever there is time but still it is just left there. I guess it just another day of my LAZY DAYS... It's ok, I had a very good lunch today with a complete meal of vege and chicken.
I still have this craves for Philippines food even after so long I didn't get this kind of nice traditional taste since years ago... Well, aha ... Good attempt this time...
By the way it's much better if cooked with young papaya, just splendid... indeed...

Ingredients :
Red Chili
Black pepper
Green Mustard
Salt and sugar
  • Heat oil and saute onion, garlic and ginger.
  • Add in chicken, chili and black pepper and simmer.
  • Add in water and seasoning.
  • Add in green mustard and ready to serve.


It's Sera's birthday

18 th June... It's sera's birthday, I have not gotten any present for her. Since I started working in Bijoux, my life is only either home or kitchen. I don't even have the time to update my blog..!!! That explained .... No time for leisure nor for Sera, and she is getting mad when every time I had to turn down on our dates... I know... She is just missing me... Ya... That's it... Anyway, our every year tradition... I will bake a birthday cake, and this is it... a butter chocolate cake with chocolate frosting comes together with 4 cupcakes sprinkled with silver balls.

Bitter sweet chocolate frosting good with chocolate cake, I prefer butter chocolate cake compare to sponge cake. It gives richer and more chocolaty taste, and the butter smells so wonderful and you just can't resist it... YUMMMY.... It's so easy just mix butter, icing sugar and coco powder...

Sera loves classic but simple... It just white frosting piped on the coated cake, classic design with leaves... A simple black and white token of our friendship over 20 years... BLACK N WHITE OF OUR FRIENDSHIP... I love you babe... Happy Birthday Sweet Heart...


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