Rice Congee
Ingredients for porridge :
Generous amount of water
  • Cook rice until soft and watery
Condiments for rice congee :

Stir Fried vegetable :
  • Saute chopped onion, garlic and chili
  • Add in Mustard leaves, Kangkung, Lady's finger or brinjal
  • Add in salt and ready to serve
Black Pepper Beef :
  • Saute onion, garlic and ginger
  • Add in grounded black pepper
  • Add in beef
  • Add in oyster sauce
  • Add in salt and sugar
Hard boiled salted eggs
Chili fried ikan bilis

I don't feel good today, I didn't have a good sleep last night... the weather was hot and I was having some kind of restless sleep. I slept for few hours and suddenly woke up, couldn't sleep again. So I watch some movies on Astro, I had a cup of hot chocolate and two slices of bread with butter spread. Felt a bit hungry, ya off course... It was 3 am and the last meal I had was about 9 pm. Kidos were sound asleep and they could be very tired this evening, such a good helpers... they have done a lot with gardening, it's quite tiring to maintain that piece of land but that is how mom spend her leisure ever since she quit from desk job and committed her self to be at home for full time. So if mom can do it why not us...? GAMBATE....! Especially this summer, plants need to be watered twice a day, at the end tip of leaves are dried and yellowish... Obviously the weather is getting warmer since there is no sign of rain for almost two weeks..
I have watched two movies on marathon and still couldn't sleep but good for me because I need to go to the market this very morning. Buy some groceries and stock up the refrigerator and it was a very fine morning to go out. I spent half an hour in the market, not far from the house... It doesn't take long to reach home. The time was almost 9 am, so I decided to cook lunch... I planned for a light meal, since I was not feeling that well so I was thinking to make rice porridge and cook some simple dishes...


Havana Torte
Doesn't it looks delicious....? I craved for this one since the past couple of months... that was the first time I baked it. I got it from mom's book, she has these collections of recipes... and I still can remember that I've tried all of them. One of them is my favorite Mr Havana Torte, Vanilla sponge layered with chocolate pudding and iced with whipping cream. If you can notice from the picture, I used longans in my recipe. Instead of longans, peach and banana goes well with this cake. It gives a little surprises while eating the cake, what we have here...?... fruity surprise...!
Mom used to bake all kinds of bakeries and pastries when we were younger, our childhood was really sweet... and I mean REALLY SWEET...! It is so true, I have the evidence on that in my childhood photo album. It was really embarrassing, photos of a small girl with hollow smile, MMM.... I wonder who is that pretty, sweet and adorable girl ...? only the smile is not as pretty as mine... :p .I mean NOW ... Those cakes and cookies surely know how to destroy your smile but they are so much irresistible, look sweet and yummy and how can you banish the memory, the moment you indulging Moist Chocolate Cake, Banana Chocolate Pie, Blueberry Cheese Cake and etc...etc...of those yummies... And I am still enjoying my self with varieties of pastries and bakeries but me, I am baking for myself with less sugar... because I don't enjoy Hollow Smile...


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