I have learned some thing new today, a dessert. Kheer, a sweet rice porridge with a mix of milk, almond, pistachios and cardamons. For today instead of coking it traditionally, I am using an instant mix. It's a product of Pakistan, where you can buy it from special grocery shop selling imported goods. It is so easy to prepare, bring milk to boil and add in the mix. Simmer for 15 minutes and stir gradually to avoid burning at the bottom. Serve cold and good with roasted almond and dried fruits such as raisin and apricot. This dessert is very similar to Bubur Merah Putih in Malaysia, rice porridge cooked with coconut milk and red palm sugar. Same as Champorado, Philippines origin... glutinous rice porridge in chocolate flavor. For a modern twist, I think Kheer would be very nice to be served with fresh fruits... strawberry, kiwi and peach..... This attribute to monkey man...


Bendi Goreng
Telur Masak Kicap

This is the reason for my disappearance, house renovations. Mom took an opportunity on her holiday in Kuala Lumpur doing some maintenance to our old house. The house aged 28 years now, as same age as my sister, Jubet. We moved here after she was born. Jubet has two beautiful children now.. Afiq, my favorite nephew and Sofea, a cat's lover.
You know, being in a place which is ful of memories, makes you feel trapped in the past. The house captures so much of the good old days. Good beautiful moments, sadness and also disappointments. Well, I don't deny there are few black incidents happened in this old house besides the sweet and the unforgettable. Ironically to say, that I still cherish my good old days even though the bad old days are so terribly disappointing.. The sweet one is invulnerable to vanish and blacken by the tears and losses
I have spent one week in cleaning, rearranging and sorting stuff in the house. It's time consuming, I have no time for my leisure and my blog is left not updated ....! My brother bought take-away dinner for me on his way back home everyday. It shows how much the renovations has taken the priority over my cooking and baking...!
But today I am really tired of eating regular and monotonous outside food. I cooked simple dishes as long as it can treat my urge, longing for home cooking, Especialy home cooking cooked by me and myself....
Simple Dishes as Telur Masak Kicap and Bendi Goreng serve with warm plain rice...Nice....!

Telur Masak Kicap (Fried Egg In Soya Sauce)
Ingredients :

2 eggs

Soya sauce

Salt and pepper

Cooking Oil
  • Fry eggs and put a side
  • Heat oil and saute onion and chili
  • Add in soya sauce, salt and pepper
  • Pour on eggs and ready to serve
Bendi Goreng (Stir Fry Lady's Finger)
Ingredients :

Lady's finger



Cooking oil
  • Heat oil saute garlic and chili
  • Add in lady's finger
  • Add in water and salt


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