Beef Curry

Nasi Biryani with Beef Curry and Acar for Friday's lunch

I haven't been cooking for the past 1 week, since we were too busy with catering jobs. I spent most of the time at Sera's, and everyday with out fail... Masak Lemak Cili Padi is compulsory. So my diet at Sera's can say was too much...!! I had gained weight 1 kg in 1 week....!! Coconut milk isn't just to add flavor but also to add fat...!! But I tried to control my eating anyway, not too much like before. I was really in love with my eating habit, I eat 5 times a day with a large portion for every meal. Be living with cooks, you tend to eat more than you should... Believe me.. I have experienced it...! Everyday is a lovely day, when the food is so good and at the end of the day, you will be heavier than normal with out you realizing it.... :)
So, enough of Masak Lemak Cili Padi because now I am craving for something which is rich with herbs and spices. Curry and Nasi Biryani...! That would be perfect for my Friday this week, Since last two days I went to a Pakistani's restaurant and had a mutton curry. The curry taste a bit different than curries that we can get in mamak's restaurant. It was so delicious, for that I have changed a few ingredients in my cooking to suits my eating mood today... And WALLLAAA....!!
The taste isn't bad at all... I like to go for some changes once a while... It challenges your taste buds!
Not forgetting, I made Acar which is based on Pakistani's recipe... Our Malay Acar is sweet and sour with a tropical touch of pineapple but my menu today uses a lot of spices. My acar is a mix of vegetables and black pepper.... Everything is just about spices...!!
YAY...!! Spices make you HOT...!!! Inside and Outside...!!!

Beef And potato Curry

Ingredients :
300 grams of sliced beef
2 medium potato (cubed)
2 onions
3 garlic
Ginger and green chillies
Spices and chili powder
Cooking oil
  • Heat oil and saute onion with salt
  • Blend garlic and ginger
  • Add in blended ingredients
  • Add in spices and chili powder
  • Add in beef and water
  • Add in potato
  • Simmer till tender
  • Add in green chili and ready to serve


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