Healthy Juice

It's examination week for Donut, need plenty of rest to avoid stress and not to forget a balance diet to remain being healthy. She is quite busy with some revision on her studies and last minute briefing by the teachers. Compare to my time before, the test wasn't that difficult ...Now, the questions are much advanced and the level of understanding among students is at the point that can be proud of... Wow, the questions are incredibly difficult ...I wonder how hard she has been focusing on the studies, anyway I know that she is giving her best shot and I always be by her side to give full support no matter what.
The weather is quite hot, rained late in the evening but the temperature ain't cool. I can't avoid headache because of the heat, I need to get some cold drink to quench the thirst. "Let's make healthy fruit juice, we have a lots of fruits in the refrigerator right? Jojo can you please get mami some lime from the back yard darling?" ..............

Oriental sunrise :

Star fruit
Dragon fruit
Pineapple cordial
Sugar syrup
  • Blend all ingredients together and add ice cubes
  • Ready to serve


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