Pink Panther

Ingredients :
Plain yogurt
Strawberry concentrated powder
Ice cubes
Cut grapefruits or oranges
  • Blend ice and strawberry powder
  • Scoop yogurt into a serving glass
  • Pour ice blended into the glass
  • Top with cut citrus
Cooling and very refreshing for this summer, Donut and Jojo were really happy when I came out from the kitchen with my version of strawberry ice blended.... It's PINK PANTHER.... What a great relieving sensation... Pink Panther come to quench your thirst.....! I bought this ice blended powder back in Kuala Lumpur from a bakery ingredients supplier some where near by home. It is quite expensive for that small packet and actually we can substitute it with concentrated juice powder that can easily get from hypermarket which is much cheaper in comparison. Or instead of powder form, we can also use liquid concentrated drink base and add in sugar if it is required depends on the sweetness... Try yourself ....


Bee Hoon Goreng

One fine morning, peaceful and quiet... far from the sound of running vehicles and honks, only the weather is warmer than yesterday. Here in Jitra especially around Bandar Darulaman and Kelubi is like having 'Breakfast Feast' every morning as early as 6.30 right untill 9 am. What ever you crave for your breakfast, just name it and you can get it as long as you know where is the right location. All you have to do is to stop from one stall to another stall, a lot to be chose... varieties of traditional cakes, lontong, nasi lemak, mee soup, soto, laksam and roti canai... Fried Bee Hoon is one of the popular breakfast meal, I am not so favor of it but if fried rice... I will never SAY-NO...!
Well, this Fried Bee Hoon reminds me a lot to someone, it's his favorite and he doesn't mind having it everyday. And guess what...? He was on rice diet and significantly the result is very positive, he lost weight. But off course he still go for rice only once a week, and still can enjoy oily and greasy food which is YUMMY, mouth-watering and for not having it is totally unacceptable resistant..!
Fried Bee hoon is a light meal, thin rice noodles with some chicken meat or beef and beansprout served well with omelette and crispy fried shallots. For every one person serving of Fried Bee hoon contains 294.2 cal while a complete one day meals including breakfast, lunch and dinner is equivalent to an average of 1500 cal.. bee hoon three times a day can reduce your calories intake up to 600 cal...! So if you are on diet, this is the right choice...


Sea Bass In Sweet And Sour Sauce

Ingredients :
1 medium sea bass
1 onion
3 garlic
1 inch of ginger
Pineapple and bell pepper
Tomato sauce, chili sauce and oyster sauce
Salt and sugar
Cooking oil
  • Fry sea bass separately and leave a side
  • Heat oil and saute onion, ginger and garlic
  • Add in tomato sauce, chili sauce and oyster sauce
  • Add in water, salt and sugar
  • Slice pineapple and bell pepper and add in together
  • Pour sauce on the fish and ready to serve
Today Shara is with the rest in Kuala Lumpur, she left with bus. Me, Donut and Jojo are still here in Jitra , as usual we do some gardening in the evening. It was a very hot day, but later the heat was slightly cooled since the proud sun went hiding behind the gallant mountains... What a relief... I was perspiring the whole afternoon and the thirst is unquenchable, I cant remember how many glasses of water have I drank and I keep on asking Jojo to drink more water than usual. I am afraid he is going to get dehydrated and might fall sick again, he has this sickness called 'lazy syndrome'. So I sent him drinks hourly just to make sure that he is drinking... What a spoiled baby...! It's kind of quiet here since Shara is not around, her room is just so tidy! MMMM.... Unlike when she was around, another spoiled BIG BABY!
This 'Lazy syndrome' of Jojo's is contagious, I think I am infected too... What shall I cook tonight...? Nothing much left in the freezer, Sea Bass again? "Ikan Siakap Sweet Sour OK??" ......"Alright mummy!"... Sea Bass again for tonight....


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