Laksa Utara Mom's Style

I have captured this photo almost 3 weeks ago but I was too busy to write this lately. Ya, it was during last Aidil Adha... Mom cooked Laksa for us, and we ate it for 3 days with additional some other food and dishes off course. Because all of us are MONSTERS... we eat everything and a lots plus 'MUST BE TASTY' .... By the way... mom, abah and kiddos left to Jitra again 2 days ago. Kuala Lumpur seems to be a lonely place once again, I don't know... When everybody is around, the house is filled with love. But I am still lucky to have love all around me, love waiting for me and love kept longing in my heart.... In short, love is all around no matter where you are. Like right here in Malaysia... no matter where you go, you can always find Laksa anywhere.
There are many kinds of Laksa, for as I know... Laksa Sarawak, Laksa Johor and Laksa Utara or Laksa Penang. It was named by the state originated, Laksa Utara or Laksa Penang came from northern itself. Rice noodle serve with sour soup made of fish, normally Mackeral or Tuna is used for the soup. The fish was bring to boil earlier and pounded or blended, then the bones are separated from the meat. With sufficient water and other blended ingredients added into the fish, soup shouldn't be too thick or too dilute ... It is well served with hard boiled egg, shredded cucumber, lettuce, onion and pineapple, lime wedge and not to forget chili and shrimp paste or 'Sambal Belacan'... that's KICKING for sure....


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