Crab Stick

Last night I fell asleep earlier than others, slept soundly until I was awake by some noise coming from the kitchen. It can't be bugler because the house is very bright with all lights still on and sounds from television was very loud. Even a bugler will think twice to enter a house which was still so alive in the middle of dark black night, it's 3 am in the morning.... I was really surprise to see Jojo is cooking crab stick, and he insisted me to post it on my blog because he was so proud of telling me that he used butter instead of oil to cook ....! Crab stick or filament crab stick is not really a crab in a stick! It's a stick made from flour and few other ingredients with no crab in the list. It is added with crab or seafood flavor and if you noticed, you can see there are separable thin filaments attached to one another. These filaments will be like a piece of sheet and rolled, wrap in plastic and cut into pieces. This plastic is to avoid the filaments from breaking when it is cook in boiling water or soup, the thin filaments shall separate from each other.... By the way, in this case the crab and the stick are two separate items... Do you know that...?


Ghani Char Kuey Teow
Last two days me, Shara and kidos went for a dinner outside. We went to the famous char kuey teow restaurant in Bandar Darulaman town. It's Ghani Char Kuey Teow Restaurant, they have fans all over Malaysia. Some can even drive up here or stop over if they are passing Alor Setar just to enjoy the char! A lot of people eating and queuing up waiting to take away their chars home... And the place is lively where a lot of youngsters and ia hang out for students from UUM staying some where near by. MMMM... I wonder what is that Ghani guy's secret ingredients...? The taste is so nice and you will always remember it and sure will seek for the same char again and again... What can I say, it just so delicious.... !


Marble Butter Cake

I love butter cake, everybody loves butter cake... I chose to bake marble butter cake today, as usual I am using Fern's Butter in my recipe. I prefer to use butter than margarine because of the milky taste and I think it also contributes to the texture. But some like the tastes and smells of margarine, it has a bit of saltiness and less buttery milky smells... Anyway I love butter , even though it will boost the cholesterol level...! The recipe is simple, butter, sugar, eggs, flour and leavening agent. And most butter cake recipes have the same proportions and quantity of butter, flour and sugar. To make marble, you can choose any flavors... Chocolate, strawberry, pandan or screwpine leaves, orange coffee. Mostly chose chocolate marble, it taste as wonderful as it's looks right...? The method of preparing is not complicated, creaming method or batter mix later with meringue to form a more spongy and soft texture. MMMM.... This is splendid with a cup of hot tea for the evening....
This is some tips for baking, to avoid butter cake from cracking... 200 C for the first half of baking later maintain 160 C for the second half of baking.


Bukit Wang Waterfalls

Today is just extremely hot to be inside the house waiting for the day less sunny and goes darker... And what a waste for the children not to spend their holidays with relaxing activities such as picnic at waterfalls and exploring mother nature! We prepared some simple take away food, eggs and sardines sandwiches and Ayamas Black Pepper Chicken Cocktails... nice chicken cocktails, except for it's pungent and spicy taste! I wonder how can Donut and Jojo love and enjoy eating it...? MMM.... Some one's bad food could be some one's likes ya...
Bukit Wang is located not far from our house, which is about 20 minutes by car. The journey was really enjoyable, we passed through villages and paddy fields. It was so green and what an eye's catching scenery! Every where is less people walking around, maybe the weather is too hot outside... My self was feeling this burning sensation on the skin and I hardly say that I was enjoying making my self tanned while driving the car.... :p
When were almost reaching bukit Wang, could see so many cars heading to the same destination... While searching for a good spot to picnic our selves, we walked on the walk way and it was cool, birds chirping and water is running. It's a gratitude to the mother nature and what a wonderful and noble job of those whose working very hard in protecting mother earth... Applause for them... good job!


Chicken Soup Noodle

Ingredients :
2 pieces of chicken breast
2 onions
4 garlic
2 inches of ginger
Soup powder
Salt and pepper
Cooking oil
  • Blend onions, garlic and ginger
  • Heat oil and saute blended ingredients
  • Add in water
  • Add in chicken breast
  • Add in salt, pepper and soup powder
Condiments for soup noodles :
  • Yellow noodles
  • Shredded chicken breast
  • Crispy fried shallots
  • Soya sauce and chili mix
  • Spring onion

Today my youngest sister cooked for us, Shara or famous among us by the name of Acu Mok was in very good mood to trouble her self in the kitchen. Surprisingly for me she cooked for us Chicken Soup Noodle for lunch. It was really kind and very generous of her to cook and share the recipe.... Or maybe she is really missing our mom's cooking, so actually the recipe is mom's but no doubt that Shara could almost cooked the same tasty mom's noodles and we enjoyed it very much! Even me.. Since mom left for haj, I really missing her cooking. Normally she is cooking for us at home and off course I shall not interfere in her cooking session only if I am needed to there, otherwise it's her territory so just let her rock her kitchen! So mom loves to cook while listening to the radio... Local station, sometimes Dangdut, sometimes oldies and sometimes dancing songs. She loves to dance besides of cooking and baking, now I know where the genes came from! She said dancing makes her happy and healthy, she has this theory that people who dance are happy people. Too good to be true, partly I agreed with mom but the other part I am seeing some people dancing under the influence of alcohol just to make them selves happy! Vice-Versa, but that's the fact... Well mom, I know what makes me happy... Which i s your cooking! I miss you mom...


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