Today I am just too happy to make my self a glass of coffee ice blended... The day is fine, the weather is good and my mood is excellent. The day was hot and sunny but then the rain drizzled and the breeze is soft and cooling. Kidos are being very good babies and less fighting actions in the house, no yelling can be heard today ... It's a relaxing moments for me off course...!
And I am missing mom's nescafe that she used to make every morning and every day... That's her favorite drink and the rest of us can't escape for not drinking everyday with out fail... Mom said every body has to drink milk everyday but she mixes it with instant coffee, we don't really like it actually but it seems to be compulsory because she prepares nescafe for everyday breakfast.... I like tea and sometimes hot chocolate, Kidos love tea too and most of us drink hot chocolate but normally we have no choice but to take the same nescafe everyday. Well, it's nothing bad about nescafe but as you know, we always ask for some thing other than what we have right? For the more it's not an easy job to make some one's tummy happy... and today I really miss mom's breakfast drink... I can even smell the aroma of fresh made coffee, i wonder where that smell came from...? I am really missing her, Donut and Jojo has been calling her over the phone more frequent lately... We miss you, mom...!...I can even smell your coffee today...!

So I told my self..." I better get a good glass of coffee ice blended...!"...."With chocolate syrup...!".... I made coffee drinks with extra sugar and milk because later on I will add in ice and blend together. Before that I prepared chocolate syrup, melt some chocolate bar and whisk nicely with milk. Chocolate syrup will be at the bottom of the glass then poured in coffee ice blended and I topped it with fresh whipping cream sprinkled with chocolate chips...


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