Tom Yam
I love mom's Tom Yam, she has given some twist to her Tom Yam, to the original recipe. It's still taste very nice. Mom add in some crispy fried shallots and instead of using coriander leaves, she uses Chinese Parsley which is aromatic and very sweet in smell. Her Tom Yam taste more like a sour soup, perfect with chicken and fish.... I have few Thai friends, they taught me how to cook Tom Yam. It's simple and very nutritious, a good choice for a diet meal. And I really like it, using only fresh ingredients and herbs. I prefer not to use Tom Yam paste or Tom Yam cubes for flavoring, it doesn't tastes as nice as using fresh herbs... For the more, the ingredients can be bought any where in Malaysia, you can go to wet market and even in hyper market... So, don't be too lazy to try out for a better cooked food....

Tom Yam

Ingredients :
Beef/ chicken/ fish/ prawn/ squid



Lemon grass

Carrot, tomato, mushroom, baby corn

Lime juice

Fish sauce
Kafir lime leaves and coriander leaves

Salt and sugar

  • Boil water with meat till tender
  • Crush galangal, chili, lemon grass and garlic
  • Cut vegetables and onions to favorable size and shape
  • Add in vegetables
  • Add in other ingredients
  • Add in leaves and ready to serve


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