Bhindi Masala

Last week, I had chapati with Aloo Gobhi... Potato and cauliflower dish, a perfect vegetarian menu. Today I cooked Bhindi Masala for the dinner... Masala is a term used in South Asian cuisines, a combination of ingredients which is mainly used in cooking.... Spices mixed with onion, garlic and ginger to enhance taste and flavor. Saute Masala till golden brown before adding in other ingredients.
Masala dishes are well done in cooking... Very likely for today's menu, Lady's Fingers are well cooked till mushy .... excellent with chapati.... It takes time to cook unlike Chinese cuisines takes a while to be cooked.... A short cooking time on very high flame...
I have never tried any Punjabi cuisine before.... I find it very tasty and well accepted by our locals here. Indian cuisines, besides Roti Canai, Tosai and varies type of curries.... not much we can get from the the stalls nor regular restaurants... Thanks to my darling Monkey Man... for your kindness to share these beautiful cuisines ...


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