Fruits Tarlets

Sweet and sour tartlets for a hot sunny evening serve with a glass of lemonade or a cappucinno ice blended topped with cream...MMMM...what an irresistible fruity desserts with such colors and combinations...I love peaches and strawberries, HOW ABOUT YOU? Can always mix and match with any beautiful and colorful fruits... kiwi, orange, berries...etc...create a wonderful fruity delights.(....Tarlets sesuai untuk dihidangkan dalam apa saja majlis keraian...cukup menarik dan merupakan sumber vitamin C semulajadi yang terdapat di atas meja buffet tu... :p...)


A Birthday Celebration
Kak Yatie...A very kind lady, mother of five and an entrepreneur celebrated her hubby's birthday at her very own house..It's a surprise party, CAN U BELIEVE IT? Her husband didnt know anything about the arrangement? But look at those pictures... Its a well managed event right? Thanks to those who had work hard to make it successful. Black and white for the theme color. Here we are promoting 'Masakan Kampung' and local fruits, sago mata ikan for the dessert...sweet traditional delicacies just perfect for the wonderful evening. (...Masakan ala kampung, chef kami Pn Hamidah dengan segala kepakaran yang ade telah menyediakan Masak Lemak Kekel, Ikan Sembilang Tumis Cili, Rendang Ayam Sayur Kacang, Rendang Tok dan Pulut Kuning, Ikan Asam Pedas, Ulaman dan yang tak boleh dilupakan..Sambal Belacan...)
I really like the idea of promoting local fruits, rambutans, mangosteens, bananas and durian, King of the fruits.
Yes, different theme for different occasions and mostly depends on clients needs and tastes. Our job here is to make their dreams become true in reality...To fulfill the needs and tastes of clients is in our best of interests...( Bukan lah satu kerja yang mudah, perah otak dan kerah tenaga untuk merealisasikan citarasa pelanggan..yang pasti kerje mesti siap ON TIME! And for the most....Malaysia Boleh! :p
Thank you Kak Yatie for giving us such an opportunity for us to show our capabilities in catering business.


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