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Mr. Pizza Maker, his 10 years expertise in the industry makes Silverspoon's pizza one of the famous pizza in town... the crispiness of the crust and the perfect blend of sauce and toppings left a sweet memory for those who has tasted the pizza. They surely come back for more, not forgetting... the wonderful and sweet Banana Pizza, a unique dessert specially signature.

Kak Timah our bartender... She is the person behind the bar.. She has been there since the business had been operated for the past 2 years. What can I say here, it was fun to work with her... she talks as much as she works, Silverspoon shall be very quiet with out her around.

This is Paul, by now he is in US working and studying there... Very lucky for him, after 4 years living here in Malaysia at last he granted the chance to join his family in the state. A good friend of mine we had a great time working together... I'm missing you, Paul...!!!

Kelvin, our restaurant manager and Dayday.. my eldest son long lost and air flown from Myanmar... meet at work daddy and son working hand in hand on the floor, I love these 2 guys. I had a very good time working with them, Dayday such a good and hardworking boy... a person who has so much energy and willingness in heart, he works with honesty and dignity... A talented person I may say. And Kelvin, I really love when he starts talking and all the words come out so strong but strangely sound kind of sweet, so convincing and he is such a sweet guy..!!

It's Andy and the gang, such a good team... floor staff and kitchen crews as well... I believed they have done a tremendous job on that day. It was a wonderful birthday celebration with a lots of food and drinks... Everybody was happy, especially the staff... after a hard job, mission accomplished with a great kind of relief we celebrated our success with a toss... Good job Silverspoon!!!! It has been quite sometimes since everybody and seniors were around,even for me meant to say good bye but all the memories remain. It was such a wonderful experience to have the opportunity to make a footstep in Silverspoon and not forgotten our ex- general manager Mr. KC Lim...
Well, what I had experienced with all ups and downs taught me a lot to be more mature in Food and Beverage industry. Again here, no matter how passionate I am in my job... there are matters that is beyond my control, with food which you can always mix and match and you may garnish it as you like but when it comes to people and behavior, you just have to be wiser than ever. Others can point at you with fault and not every time you can always stand for your right, for what matters to me... I believed, understanding the situation may lead to a better solution.




Yeah, I'm back in hometown for this Chinese new year holiday... Thankful to my management for allowing us to off 3 days on the row, this is the chance for me to spend my quality time with my loved ones although the time is limited. 3 days seem to be so precious, too dear more than anything could buy with money or gold... Exactly, no place like home and nothing can compare to be surrounded by laughter and faces of loved ones. I had to buy few ingredients back in Kuala Lumpur, since in Jitra is limited in stock and shops surely closed due to Chinese new year gathering held on the eve. I travelled on bus for 7 hours with 'Mascarpone Cheese' in my bag and a very 'Big Heart' to prepare a sweet delight from Italy... Yeah, 'Tiramisu' an Italian trifle with coffee flavoured lady's fingers and Mascarpone mousse. Something new for them to try, anyway they prefer to have Tiramisu Cake because this traditional dessert taste more alike mousse or light pudding. No espresso here, so I used our local instant coffee 'Nescafe' not bad it still taste like coffee after all... Lady's fingers soaked with coffee and layered with Mascarpone mousse and shaved chocolate, when it comes to second layer I sieved chocolate powder to top the mousse.... and Waaalaaa.... Only that, the original Tiramisu is normally prepared by soaking lady's finger in espresso and coffee liquor or Kahlua and brandy. Anyway people, it still taste nice even though you are not feeling tipsy while eating non-alchohol Tiramisu :p
This is how I spend my limited quality time with my family, I don't want to waste any chance I have here. Food is the way of me showing my appreciation to the loved ones, I cook and bake with love and a lots of love. It was amazing, I heard my heart was singing a song 'I'm Coming Home' all the way from Kuala Lumpur to Jitra and it was a 7 hours journey on the bus...!!! A lovely song with good lyrics and I felt so into the song, and the song is meant something to me.... This song attribute to what we called 'Real Love' the love that always forgiving and I believed it will always be by your side no matter where it takes you and how it goes... This is the love I found at home, and every place we called 'Home'........ "Tell the world that I'm Coming Home Cause That Is Where My Heart Belong" ..... Happy Chinese New Year and may this year of Rabbit brings happiness and prosperity to everybody through out the world....


My Nightmare Before Christmas

Last Christmas, I made a cake for 32 Bistro & Bar... This is my 'Nightmare Before Christmas' and actually it is a witch's hat...!!! I wonder why it has to be a nightmare for such celebration??? It supposed to be... HO...HO...HO... MERRY XMAS...!!! with colorful red, green and gold... Ermmm, I guess it's how they want to celebrate the eve, having nightmares after party... hehehehe... drinking too much is bad for health and beware of nightmares too... It's butter cake and I covered the cake with rolled fondant, I made pumpkins and grave stones using pastillage and chocolate frosting for the affects of grass.... It took me 5 hours to complete everything, including the baking of the cakes... But it is just so fun playing with colorful fondants and I just love to work from home... HOME SWEET HOME ....



Laksa Utara Mom's Style

I have captured this photo almost 3 weeks ago but I was too busy to write this lately. Ya, it was during last Aidil Adha... Mom cooked Laksa for us, and we ate it for 3 days with additional some other food and dishes off course. Because all of us are MONSTERS... we eat everything and a lots plus 'MUST BE TASTY' .... By the way... mom, abah and kiddos left to Jitra again 2 days ago. Kuala Lumpur seems to be a lonely place once again, I don't know... When everybody is around, the house is filled with love. But I am still lucky to have love all around me, love waiting for me and love kept longing in my heart.... In short, love is all around no matter where you are. Like right here in Malaysia... no matter where you go, you can always find Laksa anywhere.
There are many kinds of Laksa, for as I know... Laksa Sarawak, Laksa Johor and Laksa Utara or Laksa Penang. It was named by the state originated, Laksa Utara or Laksa Penang came from northern itself. Rice noodle serve with sour soup made of fish, normally Mackeral or Tuna is used for the soup. The fish was bring to boil earlier and pounded or blended, then the bones are separated from the meat. With sufficient water and other blended ingredients added into the fish, soup shouldn't be too thick or too dilute ... It is well served with hard boiled egg, shredded cucumber, lettuce, onion and pineapple, lime wedge and not to forget chili and shrimp paste or 'Sambal Belacan'... that's KICKING for sure....



Green Beans Sweet Porridge

Sweet... Delicious ... Healthy... that's how I described this wonderful dessert. Green Beans Sweet Porridge, this all time favorite dessert ... back in Manila, I learned how to cook Champorado ...Chocolate Rice Porridge, glutinous rice cooked in milk and chocolate powder... a good choice for breakfast. There is similarity in Asian's dishes, for example this Green Beans Porridge ...In Indonesia, Japan and Vietnam... Where in Bangkok, there are many varieties of sweet soup or sweet porridge which you can easily buy from the street. Ya, it is colorful, nice and cheap... my love for street food. All kind of sweet soups, Mung beans, Jackfruits, rice dumplings, yam and sweet corn. The sweet porridge and coconut milk are cooked separately, when ready to serve then only mix it together with thick coconut milk.
Our sweet porridge here usually cooked with coconut milk and add in sagu mata ikan (tapioca pearl drops), but mom prefer to cook with evaporated milk instead of coconut milk... less cholesterol and healthier. For me, I love the milky taste and it is non oily. Since everybody is still in holiday mood, which means food fiesta... Mom cooked one big pot of green beans sweet porridge, it's nice to have this dessert eaten with buns or add in durian for those who fancy richer and aromatic taste. Some love to have it cold or with ice cubes, and can even freeze it ... u can make traditional Malaysian ice cream, like those days... I used to make few flavors, green beans, sweet and sour asam boi, sarsi, soursoup, chocolate and lime. It was during my time in primary school, I brought those ice cream to school and sold for 50 cents each. Ermmm.... It was fun to work in the kitchen when you can make pocket money out of it especially for a 10 year old girl... But now, this traditional ice cream is less popular since there are more popular brand in the market. Anyway, it will be nice to have 'Aiskrim Malaysia' once awhile right...??

Sweet green beans porridge :

200 grams green beans
1 liter water
1 cup evaporated milk
1/2 sugar
50 grams tapioca pearl drops
Screwpine leaf or pandanus leaf

  • Boil green beans with water till soft.
  • Add in sufficient water, pearl drops, pandanus leaf, sugar and milk.
  • Bring to boil and ready to serve.



Nasi Beriyani Aidil Adha

Every holiday is just like Food Fiesta for us at home... Everybody is around everything that we want is on the table... Just name any each of us favorites... Mom shall fulfill everybody's demand and she shall cook all kind of dishes. Nasi Beriyani is one of our favorites, as usual she will cook extra for us to pack and bring back home to Kuala Lumpur. She will pack the rice complete with the side dishes for each of us, she always thought that we might be missing this good Nasi Beriyani but actually it is not about that Nasi Beriyani alone, we are missing her in person. It is great to spend time with mom and dad, and I am glad to have time for another family gathering. Seeing all these beautiful faces making me feel like the time has stopped ever since everybody is right here before my eyes. Ya... that is how I feel when I am with my loved ones, the time just stopped there...
How do we enjoy our holiday??? Ya, eat and eat and eat.... We love to eat...!!!
Nasi Beriyani is a rice dish cooked with ghee, herbs and spices. It aromatic, fragrant and very tasty. Normally serve with few main dishes such as beef, chicken and vegetables. Mom, as usual will cook Beef Rendang, Ayam Masak Merah and Vegetable Dhall Curry. This rice dish is just perfect for any kind of celebrations and wedding reception, it's all time favorite I may say....

Nasi Beriyani :

2 cup Basmati

4 cup water

2 tablespoon ghee

1 onion

3 garlic

1 inch ginger

1 small size carrot
1 teaspoon cumin powder

1 teaspoon anise powder

Bay leaf



  • Blend onion, garlic and ginger.
  • Heat ghee add in blended ingredients and other spices.
  • Shred carrot add in.
  • Wash rice and add in water.
  • Add in salt and cook well in rice cooker.
  • Add in rice and sauted ingredients together and cook well in rice cooker.


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