Sweet Cherry In Barley Cream

Temperature is getting hot here, no rain so far since the past one week. Even after cold shower it's easily to get sweaty again sitting inside the house. Well, this is normal circulation of the climate here, last month was really heavy in rain. Floods reported every where and even crops was having this some kind of mold infections, mom's lemon trees and eggplants were infected too... one of her favorite eggplants is R.I.P, could not be saved. I am sure she will be shocked with this tragic news of her 'deceased' eggplant! All right, enough of eggplant's story, makes me worry of mom's reaction when she is back here... I want to share about my Sweet Cherry Barley Cream now... I made this cherry and strawberry jelly with a mix of milk, it taste fruity and milky. It is served with Barley Cream, barley and coconut milk cook together so it has a mix of Malaysian delicacy. It's really good to be served cold especially during this summer.... I have this madness of fusion cooking, I just love mix and match dishes , some goes very well and some doesn't taste as good as it looks but it's normal, cooking is just like experimenting new things and testing your tastebuds sensitivity!


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