Catering in Finas 27 Jan 2010

We had a job in Finas, National Film Development department which is located in Jalan Hulu Kelang on Wednesday 27 Jan 2010. It was a lunch reception for 100pax, we were need to be at the venue by 11.30 am... the job was running smoothly and organized, thanks to Willy and Kumar for their efficiency in handling the reception with good compliments from us. Really love working together with Willy, he has a very good and pleasant character .... very handy and efficient. He works with sincerity and passions, a person who can count on... Thanks again Willy...!


Nasi Putih Ayam Masak Lemak Cili Padi Sambal Udang Petai Tauhu Jepun Hong Kong Sayur Campur Telur Asin Dan Ikan Kering Ulam-Ulaman Dan Sambal Belacan Puding Mangga Buah-Buahan Potong Minuman Sejuk

A friendship of 20 years... Me and Sera, working hand in hand to make it successful in this catering industry... A one year old business, developing and we are in the process of making a strong base by catering events and joining exhibitions... I love what I am doing and really glad to have a friend and so called sister like Sera.. Thanks for the friendship... may Lord pull us through... Amin


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