Green Beans Sweet Porridge

Sweet... Delicious ... Healthy... that's how I described this wonderful dessert. Green Beans Sweet Porridge, this all time favorite dessert ... back in Manila, I learned how to cook Champorado ...Chocolate Rice Porridge, glutinous rice cooked in milk and chocolate powder... a good choice for breakfast. There is similarity in Asian's dishes, for example this Green Beans Porridge ...In Indonesia, Japan and Vietnam... Where in Bangkok, there are many varieties of sweet soup or sweet porridge which you can easily buy from the street. Ya, it is colorful, nice and cheap... my love for street food. All kind of sweet soups, Mung beans, Jackfruits, rice dumplings, yam and sweet corn. The sweet porridge and coconut milk are cooked separately, when ready to serve then only mix it together with thick coconut milk.
Our sweet porridge here usually cooked with coconut milk and add in sagu mata ikan (tapioca pearl drops), but mom prefer to cook with evaporated milk instead of coconut milk... less cholesterol and healthier. For me, I love the milky taste and it is non oily. Since everybody is still in holiday mood, which means food fiesta... Mom cooked one big pot of green beans sweet porridge, it's nice to have this dessert eaten with buns or add in durian for those who fancy richer and aromatic taste. Some love to have it cold or with ice cubes, and can even freeze it ... u can make traditional Malaysian ice cream, like those days... I used to make few flavors, green beans, sweet and sour asam boi, sarsi, soursoup, chocolate and lime. It was during my time in primary school, I brought those ice cream to school and sold for 50 cents each. Ermmm.... It was fun to work in the kitchen when you can make pocket money out of it especially for a 10 year old girl... But now, this traditional ice cream is less popular since there are more popular brand in the market. Anyway, it will be nice to have 'Aiskrim Malaysia' once awhile right...??

Sweet green beans porridge :

200 grams green beans
1 liter water
1 cup evaporated milk
1/2 sugar
50 grams tapioca pearl drops
Screwpine leaf or pandanus leaf

  • Boil green beans with water till soft.
  • Add in sufficient water, pearl drops, pandanus leaf, sugar and milk.
  • Bring to boil and ready to serve.

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